A company in the huge international trade and consulting fields,

Azur Trade & Consulting LLC hopes to achieve its initial goals through its own strength and to build a trade bridge all around the world through its efforts.

An Overview About AZUR

A ZUR International Trade and Consulting is a UAE based firm extends services with experiences and customs-specific knowledge for more than a decade in cross border trade compliance and international development in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific countries.

We examine your company’s current trade practices and identify opportunities and risks in below primary and diverse industries.

Our sector include:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Commodities such as: Metal, Aluminum, Grains & Pulses, etc…
  • Global and market entry strategy
  • Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, etc..
  • Technology
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Consumer goods (B2B / B2C)

Business Solutions

The expertise to meet your specific regulatory compliance and product safety needs; whether looking to improve operational efficiency, increase resource recovery, reduce climate-related risks or differentiate your brand, AZUR Team offers a broad range of solutions tailored to your specific region and industry.

Oil & Gas

We have an unparalleled grasp of crude oil markets globally, access to extensive infrastructure and longstanding relationships with producers and refiners worldwide.


We have been paving the way to a leading position in global petrochemical trading and logistics supply solutions. Over time, we have grown into a global company with reach in key areas of the globe.


We are specializing in supplies and deliveries to the end buyers of raw material such as copper, stainless steel and aluminium alloy ingots in different alloys and shapes.

Medical Eqpt. & Pharmaceutical

Our ranges of product are source of the best-known brands in the Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical field. Azur’s basic philosophy is to consistently providing exceptional healthcare solutions to its valued customers with exceptional comprehensive and world-class medical services in the UAE and all around the world.


Our operating capabilities in global origination, processing, trading, logistics, distribution, and risk management set us apart from our peers. While our strategic manufacturing assets in key destination markets strengthen our service to customers.

Food & Beverage

We provide our clients with immersive information and experience for learning about food consumer purchasing behavior, trends, and innovations. With expert insights and in-person networking, we can help you react faster to shifting market opportunities and demands.